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086:Relationships: They can Make You or Break You: How to Know the Difference

A toxic relationship can destroy your life. A healthy one can make your life wonderful. Can you tell the difference?

085:How to Turn A Really Bad Day Around?

How to turn a bad day into a good day.

084:Are You Living A Full Life? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are three questions to ask yourself to make sure you are living a full life.

083:Are You Really Spiritual?

Are you really living your life in a spiritual way?

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082:Did You Make The Right Choices For You Throughout Your Life?

At the end of your life, how will you look back on your choices?

081:Freedom to Clarify Who You Are In This Life

Do you  know who you are, what you want and who you are living your life for? It may not be you.

080:Listening to Your Unconscious

Your subconscious is always speaking to you. Are you listening?

079:Are You Happy With The Relationships in Your Life

How do the relationships in your life measure up when put to the objective tests of a professional clinical hypnotist.

078:You Are The Placebo

Find out what your own mind can do for you.

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077:Letting Go of Judgements of Others

What is the harm you do to yourself when you judge others? Find out.