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054:How About Treating the Person Instead of the Disease?

Objective success. Subjective failure. How the medical experience can be improved. 

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053:Texting & Video Games Are “IN” and Smoking is “Out”

While teenage smoking is down, texting and video games are up. Learn how both are affecting your kids


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052:Why Are ADD & ADHD Kids More Likely To Abuse Drugs

Is there a link between ADD, ADHD and drugs. Find out more.

051:How Can We Stop Kids From Hating Themselves?

Have you ever experienced the pain of watching a child engage in self destructive behavior? Find out what you can do about it.

050:Gain Time While Getting Through Your To Do List

Get your subconscious to help you with your todo list.

049:Spreading Love Instead of Bullets, Untimely Death & Suicide

Get some advice on how to make the world a better place.


We all experience transitions and challenges in our lives. Learn how a professional hypnotist handles hers.

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Learn how a professional hypnotist rejuvenates herself and what the results are.

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046:What Does it Mean To You That Doctors Are Killing Themselves?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of doctors follow a do as I say not as I do philosophy? What does it mean for you if your doctor is depressed, anxious or suicidal? Will they seek the same help they would advise for you?

045:Bossy Bosses: How To Deal With Them

Ever dealt with an overbearing, negative and unappreciative boss. Here’s some advice on how to retain your sanity and stand up for your rights.